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  • Development, implementation and maintenance of

  • - Food Safety Programme
    - Food Control Plans
    - HACCP plans
    - Risk Management Programmes

  • Quality systems development
  • Audit
  • Training
  • Technical and quality issues
  • Understanding the legislation
  • Preparation of reports/articles
29th April 2015
This is the first principle of HACCP With a bit of...
4th March 2015
Let’s assume you are operating under good manufacturing practices (or...
16th January 2015
It is hot here in paradise so I am taking...
  Birds at sunset, Waimanu Lagoon My name is Irene Thomas. I established Food Assurance Systems in 1999 and have worked with a wide range of large and small industries including dairy, meat, seafood, bakery, fruit, vegetable and the general food industry.
Birds at sunset, Waimanu Lagoon
Irene Thomas on food-assurance-systems-on-linked-in